Dragon Ball Super Episode 1

Dragon Ball Super Episode 1: Dragon Ball is back guys! Hope you remember? On the last season/Dragon Ball, Z Goku defeated Majin Buu & save the whole universe. Thanks to Vegeta & his amazing plan that it is possible with a little help from Earth's people energy. On Dragon Ball Super Episode 1 the story continues as Goku (Our Hero) is now leading a life of a farmer & Vegeta are training on the Gravity Chamber to surpass Goku. Son Goten & Trunks are planning to give a gift's to Vedel for their marriage. Gohan is studying & follow the path to become a great professor. Everythings seems to be normal & Earth is enjoying happiness & peace. These two young Super Saiyan is searching a perfect wedding present for Videl & they come up with a cosmetics/filtered fountain water. When they were collecting the water a great snack has encounter & the Saiyan defeat it smartly. On the other hand in Dragon Ball Super Episode 1, Mr. Satan still fake up his heroic moment & pose as he saves the whole universe by defeating Majin Buu. He was also awarded 100 Millon Zeni, then he offers that Money to Goku & Goku take them so he can free from work & goes to King Kai's planet for more training. On the other hand, a mysteries creature just weak up from his long slumber & he has a vision of Super Saiyan God. Who is this mysteries creature & will he meet Super Saiyan God!? Enjoy Dragon Ball Super Episode 1!

Dragon Ball Super Episode 1 Eng Dubbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 1 Eng Subbed

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 1
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